Scrum: The one and only lesson

Posted on Oct 16, 2019

The core of the Scrum is often misleadingly related to software development management, tools and practices. That’s because in Scrum training events and retrospective meetings we talk easily about practical topics such as roles, backlogs, stories, grooming and sprints. They are something that everyone can point at and they create a common ground for discussion about complex topics. But none of these really represent the core philosophy that is hidden behind every Scrum team.

Improve the improvements.

The lesson is simple: Do not try to apply Scrum to create better software. Instead, apply Scrum to improve your improvements. These improvements in devevopment management enable better software on a long run.

Practical guidelines in Scrum are there to remove unnessesary complexiness. But Scrum is not given from higher powers, therefore those guidelines evolve. Only one thing stays: Constant change. And that's where Scrum can truly help your team to become better.

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