Remote team leader can perform better than an on-site team leader

Posted on Jul 22, 2019

From the past 20 years in software business I’ve worked now five years mainly as a remote interim team leader for global software companies. A lot has changed during those years. Not only tools but also attitude: Remote team leading has become widely accepted.

An old image of remote work is a specialist working on some independent tasks at home, such as document writing or coding. It’s time to refresh this image: Remote work is as social and people-centric as the work at the office. Typically half of my day goes in the meetings with video conferencing, another half in online discussions across process and collaboration platforms.

Tools are important. Not only online apps and collaboration platforms, but also hardware - especially for team leaders. At my home office I’ve an integrated video conferencing system with several microphones and high definition wide angle camera to make sure that I can talk and walk while presenting. No more face close-up from a blurry laptop camera.

Here are some benefits of the remote team leading:

  • You are always available, but in better control of your time
  • Work across time zones is natural when not tied to an office
  • Remote work is built on clear processes and collaboration
  • Productivity is improved when you have a quiet spot to perform
  • Remote team members are easier to engage when also their leader is working remote

Only five years ago we were still struggling with regular connection problems of Skype. Slack was just another odd startup and Google Hangouts were about to unify the video conferencing tools into one web app. Now it’s 2018 and these tools among many other are finally working as they should. Functioning, but not too visible anymore. They are just natural part of your virtual office, enabling you to be fully present with your team.

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