Management consulting in software business

Posted on Jun 18, 2020

Software industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. Every year new products and technologies are launched to disturb the current markets. New startups are eager to change the game with new business models or completely new approaches. Companies older than five years are already facing challenges to keep up the speed.

How to grow as an established company in this kind of monsterously evolving market? How to make sure that the products are competitive enough? It's an organizational questions: Are we able to change fast enough? Are we able to keep up the speed in production? Do we have enough knowhow about the latest trends? Are the most talented people interested about us?

Not only companies, but also employees are facing quite similar questions. That's why we are having constant lack of the talents: While new concepts, products and technologies emerge, specialists and managers must keep their knowhow up-to-date. This grows the gap between those who are riding the wave and those who stay in the old legacy.

For a management consultant these changes and gaps are of course a golden opportunity. I dare to say that management consultants are the required evangelists who can help the whole software industry to grow even faster. The reason for this is fairly simple: Rarely you find those evangelists from inside your company. And even if you do, it requires certain kind of energy and drive to make an impact. This drive to change lasts typically three to six months when entering into a new team or project. Better to utilize it fully.

A good management consultant can mix the pack, deal new cards and move on after finding the winning hand from available options. That's exactly what software companies are always looking for.

Consulting, coaching and interim management

Looking for an interim CTO to steer your software business to the next level? Or would you like to expand your team's knowhow with coaching or background research? I provide remote consulting to global software companies from US East Coast, UK, Central Europe and Nordics.

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